Monday, June 17, 2013

Red Dawn Rising

I received a copy of RED DAWN RISING by Sue Duffy from Kregel.  It is the second book in the Red Returning series.  Although I hadn’t previously read the first novel, I’ll look for it now, and keep my eyes open for the third book in the trilogy.  For now, let’s take a look at RED DAWN RISING.  Cass is a Broadway set designer (I love books in New York City) and Evgeny was a KGB assassin.  They’re both after the Architect, a mastermind.  The entire novel reminded me of an old-fashioned crime show, which enchanted me.

It is the perfect kind of mystery, where the characters are all believable.  I never had to backpedal and ask myself, “Why would he/she have done that?  That’s so unrealistic!”  The pieces all fell into place.

Something I didn’t like was the character of Jordan, a male, just because he was a male.  Being mistake for a boy just because of my name (I’m a female Jordan) is a sore spot with me.  Other than that, though, I enjoyed everything about this book.  The writing flows easily.  It makes an excellent bedtime read.  I’m the type of person who will open a book right before bed to help wind down, and this fit that spot.  Sometimes it was hard to stop reading since I needed to know what happened next.

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