Monday, June 3, 2013

Season of Mysteries

I received a copy of A SEASON OF MYSTERIES by Rusty Whitener from Kregel Publications.  I love earning these free books (I review, I keep the book) because it helps me read novels I wouldn’t normally choose.  When I go to the bookstore, I head for historical fiction or fantasy.  Gems like A SEASON OF MYSTERIES go overlooked.  Okay, this does have a little supernatural in it, which made it even sweeter to read.

This has all the makings of a winner: witty dialogue, realistic characters, and a name like Throneberry.  Come on, people.  What can be better than a dude named Throneberry?  Many of the situations are events many people have encountered; think “first love.”  The simplistic realism of those parts made me melt, not because I was in love with the characters, but because they were so fresh and heartwarming.  I enjoy thinking about how much fun the author, Rusty Whitener, had writing this novel.

The story focuses on Richard (Dr. Richard Powell, to be exact) and some childhood adventures.  This made the perfect book to read on a sultry summer night, seated on the porch swing, with the breeze dancing over the fields.  It goes right to the top of my “recommended” list. 

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