Tuesday, October 29, 2013

An Elegant Solution

I received a copy of AN ELEGANT SOLUTON by Paul Robertson from Bethany House.  Once again, Bethany House published a winner.  From the first page to the last, you encounter danger and excitement.  Throw in some murder.  Mix in some history.  Add a pinch of scholarly advice (it is a university town, after all).  I should also add a note about the intriguing dedication: “I believe that, if there was no other proof, that because of Mathematics, I would still believe in God.  I’ll let Leonhard tell you why.”

The main character, Leonhard Euler, is a “math prodigy.”  That actually put me off a little at first.  I have always disliked math, so I was afraid some parts might go over my head or cause me to lose interest.  While his being a math wizard does come into play, it only adds a new dimension to make the story more well rounded. 

Basically, the story is about how Leonhard Euler gets to solve a mystery regarding the death of his master’s brother.  I don’t want to say nothing goes right for him, but the story doesn’t dance in a straight line.  Instead, you get to experience the ups and downs, the fear, right along with Leonhard.

As a writer, I enjoyed seeing how Paul Robertson wove realistic dialogue around action and natural characters.  I highly recommend this to murder novel fans.

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