Thursday, November 21, 2013


I received a copy of PERIL by Jordyn Redwood from Kregel Publications.  I have read her other books, PROOF and POISON, in the Bloodline Trilogy, and I didn’t expect anything less than emotion and danger – I received all that and more.  I had received POISON from Kregel Publications in the past, but I found PROOF on my own. 

The writing is what I love most about Jordyn Redwood’s literature.  The suck you into that place; all of the trials of the world fade and you know only the main character, Morgan.  You feel what she feels, you say what she says, and you wince with her when things don’t quite go as planned.  Then again, you also cheer with Morgan when everything goes perfectly.  One of my favorite lines in the book came on page 94: “…a haunted darkness in her voice.”  Lines like that send a chill over your skin.

I am going to pass this book onto my aunt, who is a nurse like Morgan, and I know she will appreciate the medical references.  I’m hoping to get her hooked on this series with me so we can share opinions, and watch for more novels by Jordyn Redwood.  Even though this is a trilogy, I’m hoping for a fourth book.  

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