Sunday, December 1, 2013

An Amish Miracle

I received a copy of AN AMISH MIRACLE, which is a collection of three novellas, from Thomas Nelson via BookSneeze.  I was thrilled at the chance to review it, and ordered it to do with as I’ve done with past Amish books: read, enjoy, and pass on to my mother.  Every summer, we spend a week in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, visiting Amish shops and enjoying the peaceful, country life.  Books like this one bring back those happy memories. 

My mother and I have also read AN AMISH LOVE, part of the same novella series, and enjoyed that one as well, so we were doubly pleased with this one.

The first novella, Always in my Heart by Mary Ellis, involves Hope Bowman and her troubled past.  As a teenager, she was raped, and her father forced her to give up the baby to an adoption agency.  She is now unable to have a son, and feels it is because she surrendered her first one to the state.  Hope is tormented by that deed, but is given a chance for redemption when her long lost son runs away from his foster family to meet her.  Yes, the story was sweet, and I had tears in my eyes by the end, but overall, it felt very farfetched. 

Ruth Reid wrote the second novella, ALWAYS HIS PROVIDENCE.  It also felt far-fetched, but left me with a contented smile.  Rosa, a widower from the first novella, reappears as her back taxes catch up with her and she faces losing her farm.  She makes a living off selling eggs, but the new neighbor’s dogs start attacking her chickens.  An old friend of hers who rents her barn comes to her rescue, and they sweetly fall in love.

The final story is ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL by Beth Wiseman.  Another reoccurring character, Becky, struggles with her weight.  Since she is overweight, she struggles with her self-worth and starts dieting.  Her lifelong best friend loves her as she is, as does a handsome young Amish man, but she strives to lose pounds.  I found this novella inspiring, and will recommend it to my friends who also struggle with their weights.

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