Tuesday, January 7, 2014

99 Stories from the Bible

I received a copy of 99 STORIES FROM THE BIBLE by Juliet David and illustrated by Elina Ellis, from Candle Books via Kregel.  I was thrilled to receive this, since I love Bible stories, especially those intended for children.  I’m able to share them with my young cousins and do learning activities with them.  The illustrations in this book practically leap off the pages, so they were perfect for copying onto poster board and telling our own versions of what happened on that page.  The stories are shorted to be one or two pages, and some characters continue for multiple short stories, such as Abraham and Sarah. 

My family and I enjoy “Bible Chat,” where we each read a different story from a kid’s Bible.  We then compare the different retellings.  99 STORIES FROM THE BIBLE worked perfectly for that. 

I highly recommend this book for adults who hope to teach their children more about the Bible.  It has a thick cover and large print, but the pages are paper, so it might not be appropriate for infants.  The bright pictures will capture anyone’s attention and the stories will invoke amazing conversations.  I will be passing this book on to a friend with a seven-year-old son to enjoy it.  

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