Monday, January 13, 2014

Author Interview

Kissed by Literature: Welcome, one and all, to meet our next author!  Grace M. DeLeesie comes to you from Virginia to bring you stories of magic and romance.  Who doesn’t need a little of that in their life?  Welcome, Grace.  Tell us about how you first got started writing.

Grace M. DeLeesie: I started in preschool, actually. My mother likes to say
how I would come home and tell the tales of my daily adventures, and they
were so detailed they could actually be believed…until I added in the little
green aliens who joined in on my fun. After a while (and I learned how to
write) my mother gave me a notebook and told me to write my stories down.
Over the years, I continued to write, though those stories will never see
the light of day and are currently collecting dust in an undisclosed
location. My true novels, the ones that will be published, started about
five years ago when I was a freshman in college. To this day, though, you
will never catch me without a pencil and a notebook in reaching distance.

KBL: What is your favorite genre?

GMD: I mainly write romance (paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary…).
I’ve tried my hand at non-romance, but always seem to have that element slip
its way in somehow.

KBL: I have with me here CROSS MY HEART, book one in the Wolfe Lodge series.  Tell me about that series. 

GMD: “Wolfe Lodge” has to be one of my favorite series I’ve written and
published. I actually created the beginning to “Cross My Heart” in the car,
commuting to and from college almost three years ago. “Wolfe Lodge” is a
paranormal romance about a pack of werewolves in Little Rock, AR. Throughout
the series we learn what it means to be a werewolf, to a human among
werewolves, and even how far a werewolf will go to protect his/her mate.

KBL: What is CROSS MY HEART about?

GMD: Grave is the prince of the largest pack of werewolves in Arkansas.
After the death of his mate and childhood best friend, Grave leaves the pack
to mourn, accompanied only by his bodyguard (or “Hash”) and friend Phax. On
a nightly run, the two werewolves meet a sassy young huntress named Sam,
with a vengeance against werewolves unlike anything the prince has ever seen
before. To learn more about the sexy huntress, Grave fools her into
believing he’s human—but this comes at a cost. Grave falls in love with Sam,
hard and fast, but Sam fights him every step of the way.

When an old enemy comes to town, Grave must reveal the truth about himself
to Sam. In doing so Grave will be risking turning her wrath against
werewolves on him and ruin any chances Grave has at finding happiness after
Amnilia’s death—but it also might just save her life.

KBL: Many of this blog’s readers are aspiring authors.  I understand you go through Abbott Press.  Can you tell us about that experience?

GMD: Actually, “Cross My Heart” was published through my own company
DeLeesie Books. It’s new (only started 2013), but I have a couple of
potential authors I’m working with. My newest series “Interdimensional
Species” (Spring 2014) will be published through Abbott Press.

KBL: Do you go through an agent?

GMD: In the past three years, I have had 2 different agents, 2 different
editors, and 1 small publishing house, and have dropped every single one of
them before any contracts were signed. To be honest, I don’t like a lot
about traditional publishing, mainly because most of the decisions are made
for the author rather than by the author. That is why I created my own
company; it’s small, but I get to publish how I want to publish.

KBL: What can we expect to find in the future of Wolfe Lodge?

GMD: The first two books (“Cross My Heart” and “Hope to Die” [2014]) are
about Sam and Grave, who find and fight for their love of each other and
their pack. The next two books (“Ready or Not” [2015] and “Here She Comes”
[TBD]) tell the story of Phax (Grave’s bodyguard) and how he struggles
between his duties to his Alpha and his need to claim his newfound human
mate, Anna. There are three novellas throughout the timeline of these four
books (“Passion Only”, “Mission Save”, and “Submitted Freely”[TBD]).

KBL:  Thank you, Grace!  If our readers want to personally get in touch with you, what would be the best way?

GMD: My email is <>
or “like” me on Facebook at

KBL: Here comes the special surprise for all of you.  Grace is giving away a copy of CROSS MY HEART to a lucky commenter.  Leave a comment here with your name and email address.  On February 1st, Grace will choose a winner and send that individual a paperback copy.  Let the comments begin!


  1. Great interview, very interesting! And congrats to Grace on creating her own publishing company! The series sounds awesome, definitely up my alley.

    My email is

  2. This sounds amazing! And I love that it's werewolves and Arkansas. I live in Arkansas and werewolves are my husbands favorite (he hates vampires!). I definitely have to give it a try!

  3. This sounds amazing! I loved the interview and laughed about the part where you have your older stories in undisclosed location. I also find it pretty great that you have your own publishing company. I think the novel sounds fascinating. Currently I reside in Arkansas south of Little Rock. Email address is: