Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dirty Faith

I received a copy of DIRTY FAITH: BRINGING THE LOVE OF CHRIST TO THE LEAST OF THESE by David Z. Nowell from Bethany House.  I love diving into religious books and being able to share them with my family, in particular my mother and devout uncle.  In this book of nonfiction, categorized as Christian Living, David Nowell shared stories about faith in action as he ministered to the “least of these” in society, and who are treasured by God.  I loved how it showed that many Christians stay “safe” in their pews while others actually do something to help the world.  It was great to read about those touching stories.  We need to follow the advancement of the Bible and actually help the misfortunate. 

This has inspired me to help others.  Recently I’ve been more involved in my community via writing programs to help authors polish their craft.  I hope to do more with that.  The greatest feeling was the thanks that came from a 6th grade girl after one of my classes.  I realize this doesn’t compare to the work done by those mentioned in the book.

DIRTY FAITH analyzes passages of scripture and David Nowell also takes a look at the individual to scrutinize tendencies many people have.  This is another book I highly recommend.  

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