Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Reluctant Detective

It happened again – I read another great Christian mystery!  I received a copy of THE RELUCTANT DETECTIVE by Martha Ockley from Lion Fiction via Kregel.  It is part of the Faith Morgan mystery series, the first in the series actually.  Martha Ockley has a smooth way of creating pictures with her imagination and words.  It is almost like watching television, and this book would make a great television series. 

I did read the second book in the series and loved it, so I was eager to dive into this one.  It did not, of course, disappoint.  At all.  Faith is still an adorable, lovable character who will have the reader rooting for her.

I’m the type of person who always wants to guess who committed the crime – a murder in this case – but then gets caught up in the story or is just too mind-tangled to figure it out.  This was another of those books.  I was baffled, in a good way, right up until the end.  I’m sure other readers will be more adept at uncovering the truth.

I highly recommend this book to fans of Christian literature and mysteries.  This has a sound plot and believable characters.  Never once did I shake my head in disbelief.  

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