Sunday, August 10, 2014

Healing Quilt

I received a copy of THE HEALING QUILT: RETURN OF THE HALF-STITCHED AMISH QUILTING CLUB by Wanda E. Brunstetter from Shiloh.  I love Amish fiction, as does my mother, so I was thrilled with this book.  I read it and have passed it on to her.  She’s a slow reader and a few Amish books behind, but she was just as thrilled to receive it.

We were even more excited because we recently stayed at the Bird-in-Hand Family Inn.  They have a restaurant on the property with a stage.  The theater was showing a production of the HALF-STITCHED AMISH QUILTING CLUB!  We haven’t gotten to read that novel, or the other installment in the series (this is the third book), but we were jumping for joy at having this one.  What a coincidence it arrived right after we returned from vacation! 

THE HEALING QUILT continues the story of Emma and Lamar, an Amish couple.  The story follows people who take quilting classes.  Their individual tales are heart breaking and humorous.  You don’t need to be familiar with the other books to enjoy this one.  For those who love Amish fiction or quilting, this one is a must.  

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