Sunday, December 21, 2014

Andi Under Pressure

I received a copy of ANDI UNDER PRESSURE by Amanda Flower from ZonderKids via BookLook Bloggers.  It is part of the Andi Boggs series, this being book two.  I often read juvenile fiction so that I can pass them on to a little cousin – I read them first to make sure they are appropriate – and I have my degree in elementary education, so I have a strong fondness for youth fiction.  This book is top-notch and I highly recommend it.  It would be perfect for reading aloud in a family setting or in a classroom.

Andi (Andora) is twelve and getting into fun adventures.  Best of all, she’s solving mysteries.  It reminded me of the Nancy Drew books my mother would read to me when I was younger, and it also reminded me of Veronica Mars, but of course in a more age-appropriate setting.  I found another strong resemblance to the Mandie Shaw mysteries, which were a major part of my childhood, in how God is revered.

Andi and her friend Colin go to Discovery Camp, where of course mysterious things are occurring and they decide to investigate.  I loved how the author is encouraging girls to get into science – and mysteries!

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