Monday, December 1, 2014

The Heretic

I received a copy of THE HERETIC by Henry Vyner-Brooks from Lion Fiction via Kregel.  I was beyond excited to obtain a copy of this book.  It is quite epic, not only in length but in what I like to think of as “bonus content.”  The bonus content includes maps and a character list.  I love those in books, because some like this one are long and you might get confused keeping track of people and places.  The story takes place in 1536 – I adore history – during the reformation of the church.  I have read other novels that involve this time period, but they are usually focused upon romance or mystery.  These aspects are still touched upon, but I enjoyed how religion is the main focus. 
The historical aspects then go on to encompass the essence of the 1530’s.  You feel as if you are living then, and you learn about things you might not have heard before.  Oftentimes I would step away from the story to look something up on the Internet for further learning. 
I also loved how this book involves Henry VIII.  I have read numerous novels and biographies on him, and this was a chance for me to see a different side. 

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