Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Abbess of Whitby

I received a copy of THE ABBESS OF WHITBY: A NOVEL OF HILD OF NORTHUMBRI by Jill Dalladay from Lion Fiction via Kregel Publications. 

I dove into the book with great excitement because of two main reasons, but people who follow my reviews now that I LOVE historical fiction.  I still love it, but that’s not where my excitement came from.

The first reason for my extreme excitement is because I am familiar with this period in history.  I have read a lot of fictional books on it, and I love getting different takes.  I am no expert, but when I saw the book I was able to say, “Ooh, Northumbria in the seventh-century.  Cool!”  It wasn’t completely foreign to me even though I’ve never lived in that land and I wasn’t alive during that time period.

The second reason for the excitement is because the novel is about Hild.  Before reading this, I had come by chance across another Hild book in a used bookstore.  That book was okay, but it was dry and heavily laden with facts.  I did learn a little about Hild, so I was able to say, “Cool, another book about Hild!”  I’m happy to say that I liked this book better.  It was more of a story than an encyclopedia. 

This book follows Hild’s life.  I was able to feel a connection to her and I am in awe of everything she was able to accomplish as a woman in England at that time.

I highly recommend THE ABBESS OF WHITBY!

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