Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Toddler Bible

I received a copy of MY TODDLER BIBLE by Juliet David from Candle Books via Kregel in exchange for an honest review.  This little hardcover is illustrated by Chris Embleton-Hall. 

The tome contains both the Old and New Testament, the stories retold to be appropriate for young minds to grasp the significance and meaning.  The bright illustrations help to bring it alive.  The people are slightly bubble-drawn, reminding me of dolls.

I can see this appealing to any child.  It would make a perfect addition to bedtime.  I can also see this in a Sunday school classroom.  My teacher brain always kicks into gear when given a book like this.  From my experience with little kids, it is sometimes hard to get them to sit still, but the vividness of this book should do the trick.

I can also see this bring used for slightly older children to help them learn how to read.  The font is very easy and the words are simplistic while still being powerful.

I was going to give this to a family member, but now that I have discovered that I am pregnant, I will be saving it for my little boy. 

MY TODDLER BIBLE is highly recommended. 

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