Monday, April 15, 2013

Bread & Wine

I received a copy of BREAD & WINE: A LOVE LETTER TO LIFE AROUND THE TABLE WITH RECIPES by Shauna Niequist from Zondervan.  When they say “with recipes” that’s exactly what they mean.  Each chapter is an essay focusing on an aspect of food, with a correlating recipe included at the end.  The book makes a great bedtime read – you can absorb one essay and daydream about the recipe to be made the following day.  It is a great way to ponder the information while your mouth salivates.  Shauna’s writing is catchy and familiar.  It feels as if she is sitting in the room with you sharing a glass of wine.

Her stories about food reminded me of the times my friend and I travel to different ethnic restaurants.  The essays have that gentle, friendly quality.  Next time she’s in town, I’ll share BREAD & WINE with her.  We might even have our own bread and wine party.  My mouth is watering just thinking about the descriptions of food included within the pages. 

My mother was excited to read it after me.  As a lover of food, she’s always eager for fresh recipes.  Without much time on her hands, the essays were the perfect length.  I highly recommend this to my “hungry” friends. 

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