Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I received a copy of INVISIBLE by Ginny L. Yttrup from B & H Books.  The novel follows three women as they struggle with health issues.  Ellyn hates being fat.  It keeps her from having confidence in herself and from opening up to Miles, a doctor who finds her attractive.  Sabrina is struggling with depression, so she abandons her family and career to rejuvenate herself.  Twila is recovering from anorexia and trying to keep herself on track.  The three women come together and learn to help each other as they keep their faith in God.

Even though each one suffered from a different health issue, I was able to connect with each.  For example, I agreed with Twila’s decision to become a vegan and I felt for Ellyn when her inner voice told her she wasn’t good enough.  The novel is a fast read – I got through it in one evening.  It feels like a television sitcom.  By the final chapter, I knew the characters as friends.  Ginny Yttrup really takes us into their minds.   I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with a health problem, be it obesity, depression, anorexia, or anything else.  You can experience the ups and downs with the characters, while understanding God’s love.  I will be passing this novel on to a friend, that she may also experience the joy in reading this. 

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