Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Magnificent Malevolence

I received a copy of MAGNIFICENT MALEVOLENCE by Derek Wilson from Lion Fiction via Kregel Publications.  The cover proclaims: “Memoirs of a career in hell in the tradition of the Screwtape Letters.”  Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but with that kind of an introduction and the eerie devil pictured on the front, I was intrigued.    

After reading the introduction, I understood that Screwtape was a senior devil introduced by C. S. Lewis in 1942.  This led me to research more about C. S. Lewis.  I’m embarrassed to admit I hadn’t known much more about him other than his Chronicles of Narnia fantasy series.  That, however, is a different matter.

Back to MAGNIFICENT MALEVOLENCE…if you read this, prepare to enter the twisted mind of…well, a twisted individual.  He’s a devil explaining life and thoughts through his writings.  They are a mixture of professional language – the type you might find in an office manual or a college textbook – and the insightful depth of a diary.  Then, think about how it’s wicked.  The letters span from 1942 to the present, which is interesting in itself by offering a new view of the past.  If you do happen across this, it is worth a look.  The writing sucks you in and the darkness of the humor keeps you turning the pages.  

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