Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I received a copy of BIBLE STORIES PAINTING BOOK 2 from Kregel.  The text is by Juliet David and the illustrations are by Simon Abbott.  This was actually the first book of its kind that I’ve seen – see, on the stiff front and back covers, there is a paint palette.  Keeping a cup of water handy, you dip your brush in the water and then swipe it over the color you want.  The paint appears on your brush!  Sure, you have to wait for the “paints” to dry before you close the book, but you can use the palette over and over again. 

Now, for the story itself…each page tells a different tale from the Bible.  They are the perfect way to introduce young children to the Bible – after the one-page tidbit, they’ll definitely want to know more about what happened.  Older children can enjoy revisiting popular and favorite Bible stories.  I’m passing this on to a friend, whose younger brother loves these types of interactive books.  The shape and style of the play make it perfect for on-the-go fun. 

My parents and I love to visit the Millennium Theater in Pennsylvania every summer.  The wrap-around stage brings Bible stories to life.  I loved locating the stories we’ve seen in this painting book. 

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