Friday, July 19, 2013


I received a copy of POISON by Jordyn Redwood from Kregel.  I was excited to read it since my name is Jordan and everyone spells it as “Jordyn.”  My dream is to be an author, so I saw a fellow Jorda/yn authoress.  Anyway, on to the book – it is the second book in the Bloodline Trilogy.  I hadn’t read book one, but after reading this one, it will be on my list to look for at the bookstore. 

POISON is a novel of suspense fiction, which is not normally a genre I read.  At first I was confused by aspects that had been discussed in the first book, PERIL, but it didn’t lessen my enjoyment.  Chapter one onward, I was riveted to my seat and could not stop.  The characters are believable.  Not once did I question how someone could have done something.  Each page flowed into the next.

Keelyn has a stepfather who can easily be called delusional.  Five years prior to POISON, he killed most of her family.  In this installment, he kidnaps Keelyn’s niece.  Even though I was new to Keelyn’s world, I was nonetheless riveted.  I’m glad to have come across this series and look forward to reading PERIL and the third book, PROOF.  

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