Thursday, July 18, 2013


I received a copy of DRAGONWITCH by Anne Elisabeth Stengl from Bethany House.  It is the fifth book in the Tales of Goldstone Wood series.    Anne Elisabeth Stengl is the “Acclaimed Winner of the 2012 Christy Award for Visionary Fiction,” as proclaimed by the front cover of the book.  I have read the other books in the Tales of Goldstone Wood and enjoyed this one just as much.  (I was thrilled to see this one available just because of how much I loved the others)  Think romance and fantasy mingling for a page-turning adventure.  The danger kept me seeking the next chapter to find out what happened next.  I especially enjoyed being able to return to Stengl’s world.  It was like visiting a beloved vacation spot. 

Fantasy novels are my passion.  Most of the book cases in my cellar are taken up by that genre.  Most of the time, I seek fantasy as an escape from reality, and DRAGONWITCH is perfect.  Some fantasies become crass or overly violent – DRAGONWITCH is light-hearted while still being exciting.  Although it is for adults, I wouldn’t fear allowing a young adult to read it.  Normally, the books I read that are published by Bethany House involve historical fiction or Christian fiction.  It is refreshing to read one about fantasy.  

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