Sunday, July 6, 2014

Get to Know Mary

I received a copy of GET TO KNOW MARY by Nancy I. Sanders from ZonderKids via BookSneeze.  It is a full-color biography for kids all about Mary, mother of Jesus.  I was intrigued to find out more about Mary, especially the history surrounding the time she lived.  This book, short at only 103, fully exceeded my expectations.

The cover itself is catchy – a young Mary smiles while shopping at a market.  Most pictures of Mary include a solemn, peaceful woman.  This picture makes her seem like the type of person you would like to sit down with and chat together over a cup of tea. 

The book itself follows her life starting with her birth and travels to when Jesus rises from the dead.  It includes definitions that might be confusing to children, such as “carpenter,” but some of them I didn’t know, such as “bride price.” 

The book also includes maps and timelines.  I highly recommend GET TO KNOW MARY for adults, teenagers, and children.  It is perfect for reading a chapter a night.  It is also great for classroom settings.  My teacher mind kept spinning over ways to incorporate projects. 

There are other biographies in the series for those who are interested in learning more about important Biblical figures.  

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