Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I received a copy of THE PRINCESS WITHIN FOR TEENS: DISCOVERING YOUR ROYAL INHERITANCE by Serita Ann Jakes from Bethany House.  This is an excellent book for teenage girls, although I’m worried they won’t be apt to read it unless it is assigned to them.  The book does have a catchy cover, but it also has the look of a textbook. 

THE PRINCESS WITHIN uses religion and fairy tales to help teenage girls think about how to live their life as proper young ladies.  I say “proper,” since the book does focus on royalty. 

The book has catchy chapters, like, “Wash off those Cinders!”  I highly recommend this to Sunday school teachers and parents who are hoping to help their young women lead fulfilling lives.  Once you start reading, those catchy chapters and fast-paced sentences help to fly the book along. 

You can tell that Serita Ann jakes cares about her writing and helping others.  You can also tell from her picture on the back cover that she’d a wonderful person.  I researched her and saw that she has another THE PRINCESS WITHIN book.  That one is geared toward “Restoring the Soul of a Woman.”  I’m intrigued to see what lies within those covers.

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