Sunday, June 26, 2011


I received a copy of OPEN SPACES: VOICES FROM THE NORTHWEST from University of Washington Press and GoodReads. The book is comprised of a selection of short stories, edited by Penny Harrison. Some of the stories are lumped together in categories, such as Wildlife and Energy. Each short story reveals a glimpse into the life of someone in the Northwest.

The stories are short, so they are easy to read through, and each is exciting in its own way. My favorite of the collection is RHAPSODY FOR BLACKBERRIES by Sandra Dorr. Reading it made my mouth water for blackberries.

For someone like me who lives in New York, this book is like taking a trip across the country, accompanied by friendly, knowledgeable tour guides. The picturesque cover accurately depicts the amazement you will find within the pages.


  1. Short stories are great!! Sounds like a really good collection!

  2. I also love short stories! I find it fun to pick up a book, read a little, and put it back to finish later.