Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ruffled Shirt

I finished another knitting project. It's a ruffled top done in simple St stitch, with a crocheted border (which my mom did for me after my 10th time messing up). The border can be found here:

Overall, I like the shirt, but I used the "large" pattern and it still came out too small. It was fast to complete, though, and I might make another sometime, and use slightly larger measurements.


  1. wow, you knit that?! Impressive! Looks hot!

  2. You're too skinny. :P

    As for the size, it could be the tense on your yarn. I knit loose, so I always do either med. or small instructions.

  3. Usually I knit tighter. It might have been the yarn. It's rather...springy.