Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I received a copy of THE SWEETEST THING by Elizabeth Musser from Bethany House. On first glance, I found the cover to be extremely engaging. A young woman glances over her shoulder, with a mansion in the background, and old-fashioned tinting gives the scene a mysterious flavor. It reminds me of my grandmother’s childhood photographs.

I love the story. The theme of poverty amongst beauty strikes close to home, since the country is now in hard times, money-wise. The novel is fast paced and flows smoothly, until the end, where it begins to drag. The characters have a mystery to solve, but they seem to put that aside and concentrate on day-to-day activities instead.

The story jumps between Dobbs and Perri, the two main characters. That is easy to follow, since the sections are clearly labeled. Each girl learns to love God in her own way. Their struggles are powerful to read about, and the happy conclusion brought a smile to my face. The author summed up the characters’ futures in a prologue, but I long for a sequel.

The best part about the book is that the author based many things off real life, such as the setting and school. This is a trip back in time you should not miss!


  1. Hi Jori,
    Does the author of Sweetest Thing have characters you liked and what are their names? Paint me a picture of something in the book you won't forget. Can you send me the author's website, and any other reviews on the book?
    Can I read one of your stories?


  2. I sent you an email responding to your questions. Did you get it?