Friday, June 24, 2011


I received a copy of THE QUOTABLE ROUGE: THE IDEALS OF SARAH PALIN IN HER OWN WORDS by Matt Lewis from Thomas Nelson through BookSneeze. It is a book where Matt eloquently outlines statements and comments of Sarah Palin over the last several years. No matter if you like or dislike Sarah Palin, this is a must read book. If you are a fan of Sarah, it gives you the actual statements she has made. If you dislike her, the book gives you insight into how the media has gone out of their way to take statements she has made and altered them to make her controversial. The book transports you into Sarah’s world, helping to understand her feelings, thoughts and character by her statements and conversations. The book covers over 30 topics; from education, gun control, politicians, taxes and running for office. The book finishes with a number of comments form a wide range of people on what others are saying about Sarah. People that dismiss Sarah as not being intelligent or not capable of holding a high office forget that she was governor of the largest land mass state in the union. Her statement to the “Alaska Business Monthly” in December 4, 2008, “I want people to remember me as having always conducted the state’s business in an upright and honest manner. I want them to understand that I put Alaska first in every decision I made,” clearly sums up her character as being a politician that was hired to do the work of the people and not doing it for her own gain.

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