Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dear Mr. Knightley

I received a copy of DEAR MR. KNIGHTLEY by Katherine Reay, from Thomas Nelson via BookSneeze.  This book absolutely fascinated me.  It is told in letterform from Samantha to her benefactor, who she calls Mr. Knightley.  You don’t normally find letterform in novels, but I always eat them up when I do.  I can relate to them well, since I’ve had pen pals around the world since I was eleven-years-old, and I’ve kept a diary since I was much younger than that.  Many of the comments in the letters, such as “I forgot to mail this so I’ll write more” (not a direct quote, but it was very similar to that.  I can’t find the correct page now) reminded me so much of those run-on letters to my friends.

Samantha is a fascinating young woman who I’m sure many readers will be able to connect with.  She loves literature – think Austen – and she’s driven toward college and her career.  I found it cool that she would at times quote her favorite authors.  While I don’t currently do that, it would be a fun pastime to strive for. 

I should add that the entire book does not consist of letters.  You also get a glimpse of Sam’s happy ending as she arrives in New York.  The book ended with a happy ending.  I recommend this for anyone who loves the classics, and a feel-good novel for the holidays.  

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