Monday, December 16, 2013

December Book Signing

Good evening, one and all.  I have exciting news!  Well, at least it’s exciting for me.  Another book signing is fast approaching – this Saturday, December 21st, to be precise.  The anthology, 13 HAUNTING TALES, is a collection of ghost stories.  I invited fellow contributor, Jeremy Mortis, to help me spread the word. 
Kissed by Literature: What are your latest writing endeavors?
Jeremy Mortis: Well, my latest writing endeavor is a short story I wrote called The Queen of Cobwebs, which I hope will be published soon in the Steampunk collection Jordan is putting together. Also, I am currently working on a ghost story called The Regal. It’s about a haunted theater in Rome, NY. Hopefully, this story will be published soon as well.
KBL: How do you think the first book signing for 13 HAUNTING TALES went?
JM: The first book signing went fantastic; the staff at the Dunham Library were so friendly and helpful. Hopefully I will get the chance to work with them again.
KBL: What are your feelings concerning the upcoming book signing?
JM: The next book signing is at the Utica Public Library on Saturday December 21st from ten to two. I’m very excited about this one because several people have told me that they are coming to this one. I can’t wait to meet all of them.  

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