Monday, December 30, 2013

Rest Not in Peace

I received a copy of REST NOT IN PEACE by Mel Starr, from Lion Hudson via Kregel.  I was thrilled with this – literally tickled pink – because I love this series, the Chronicles of Hugh de Singleton, surgeon.  I have a thing for mysteries and history, and this has both.  The main character is Master Hugh, who works as a surgeon and bailiff in a medieval village.  You’ve probably guessed this from my “mystery” hint, but he solves mysteries. 

Each mystery is packed with danger, a dash of romance, and a heaping pile of history.  The books really transport you through time.  You can practically smell the manure in the streets.  Okay, the book isn’t disgusting, but Mel Starr goes into great detail to place you with the characters.  In this, the sixth book about Master Hugh, his friend, Sir Henry Burley, is found dead and Master Hugh must determine the killer.  Unlike your run-of-the-mill mystery book, in this one, Sir Henry’s wife, now a widow, thinks Master Hugh did it.  I stayed on the edge of my seat throughout the entire novel.

I highly recommend this to mystery and historical fiction fans.  You’ll fall in love with Master Hugh like I did.  

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