Saturday, February 8, 2014

Jori of Hayview Manor

As a child, I loved Anne of Green Gables.  I first learned about Anne-with-an-E when my mother made me watch the movie with her.  As she likes to say, it’s the only movie she cries for each time she sees it.  Later on, we read the book together, and in junior high, I read the rest of the Anne series.  I loved Anne’s kindness and imagination, and I loved how she named her home.  Years later when my parents built their house, I knew it had to be named. 

We spent days brainstorming names.  Some sounded too silly, some sounded too difficult to remember.  We tried a few out on unsuspecting victims; how odd those people must have thought us. 

The house was built on a hay field – most of the front yard is still a hay field.  We decided on Hayview Manor as the name for our house.  Someday, we’ll make a plaque for the yard, and paint the mailbox, but for now, it’s enough to be Jori of Hayview Manor. 


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