Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rich in Years

I received a copy of RICH IN YEARS: FINDING PEACE AND PURPOSE IN A LONG LIFE by Johann Cristoph Arnold from Plough Publishing House via Handlebar.  This book takes a look at growing older, through a spiritual and religious backdrop.  It is broken into short sections, each headed by a picture and quote, that draws you deeper into thought.  I kept nodding my head as I read, and only shook it during the foreword when nursing homes are discussed.

My family faced a very hard decision as to whether or not to place my grandmother, who suffers from dementia, into a nursing home.  We took care of her at home for over ten years, but times kept growing more trying.  She stopped trusting us, would try to flee, and would call for help, even when we were in the other room.  When working less and hiring aids failed, we realized we had no other choice but to keep her safe by placing her in a “home.”  It is still a decision we regret, but one we still can’t remedy. 

With that point aside, I looked at this book through the eyes of my grandmother.  Her childhood friends are gone, and many of the other residents in her wing has passed on.  She’s also grown more religious with each passing year.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels old or wishes to take a fresh look at life.

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