Friday, March 6, 2015

Cover Reveal - Tips & Tricks

A cover reveal is a great way to spark interest in your upcoming book.  Before the release of ESCAPE FROM WITCHWOOD HOLLOW, I had hosted a few on my blog (and I still host them).  It seems that everyone does them differently and I have yet to hear of one not being successful.  These are my tips and tricks; feel free to let me know about your experiences, and what has worked or not worked for you.

For newbie authors or bloggers, a cover reveal is where the author shares the cover of the upcoming book on social media.  It sparks interest in the book, and if the text has the option for preorder, people can buy it early.

If you have any tips or tricks of your own, let me know!
1. Choose a day for the cover reveal.  Don’t post the image before that date, but build up to it.  “Can’t wait for the second book in the TREASURE CHRONICLES?  View the awesome cover on August 22!”  I have planned my cover reveals for six weeks prior to the release to start the excitement, but I know some authors wait until the week before.  If your book is available for preorder two weeks prior to the release, that would be a great date to use for the cover reveal.

2. Have your book on GoodReads.  Even if people can’t preorder your book yet, they can mark it as “to read.” 

3. Contact bloggers.  Many bloggers will host cover reveals.  A great way to find a willing blogger is to browse different book blogs and contact the owners if you see they have hosted something similar.  You could also reach out to authors for a list of recommended bloggers.

4. Create a cover reveal blog post.  Share this blog post with the willing bloggers – AFTER they have agreed.  Never email them the material without asking first.  The blog post should:
    a. Be one document.  Many authors make this document in HTML (you can do this through various websites) or stick with Word.  The blogger should copy and paste exactly what you have.  Sometimes, depending on the blog’s format, the blogger may take some liberties while still staying true to your words.
    b. Explain the synopsis.  Tell the readers what the book is about.
    c. Include the cover image.  Duh.  That’s the point of the cover reveal!
    d. Give a catchy tidbit.  You want the blog post to stand out.  In the past, I’ve included one of the following:
              i. Author Interview
              ii. Book exceprt
              iii. Character quiz
              iv. Interview with a character
              v. Personal story relating to the novel.
     e. Give a short bio about you.  Include a picture.  List any other publications you have.  If you’ve written other books, include hyperlinks to a purchase site.
     f. Offer a contest.  I use Rafflecopter to manage all of my contests.  You can offer a copy of your book for when it comes out (this might backfire, as then readers will wait to see if they win and they won’t preorder/purchase), jewelry, book swag, or one of your previous books.  That option works great if you’re doing a cover reveal for a series.  I let my contests run for 30 days, allowing people plenty of time to enter.  

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