Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Pleasure of His Company

I received a copy of THE PLEASURE OF HIS COMPANY: A JOURNEY TO INTIMATE FRIENDSHIP WITH GOD by Dutch Sheets from Bethany House.  This is a pleasant, inspiring read that includes thirty chapters.  I found myself enjoying each chapter, and upon completion of the chapter, I would set the book aside to contemplate what I had read.  The chapters also sparked familial conversations. 

Dutch Sheets uses thoughtful prose and real life examples, which make the book more personal.  I prefer when the authors of inspirational texts draw in the reader through personal experiences.  Not only do I feel a greater connection to the author, but also to the text, and it helps me to revel in what I read. 

The humor helped to make the chapters fly by.  I can see this being used in a Church group or Sunday School for older teens.  The chapters all encourage the reader to be uplifted.  I can see this helping someone suffering from depression or anxiety.  The chapters are truly comforting, quite soothing.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves God or seeks a more fulfilling relationship with religion.  I will be passing this on to a friend in hopes that they will enjoy it just as much.  

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