Thursday, June 28, 2012


I received a copy of THE BOOK OF BOOKS: THE BIBLE RETOLD by Trevor Dennis, from Lion via Kregel.  The book, bound with an impressive hard cover, contains many stories from the Bible, retold in simple language for today’s youth to enjoy. 

There are twelve chapters.  They deal with popular Bible stories.  For example, chapter six contains four parts: Ruth, Naeomi, and Boaz: Love Wins the Day; Jonah, a Big Fish, a Great City and the Forgiveness of God; the Book of Job: Shaking a Fist at Heaven; and Songs of Light.  Each chapter starts with a few paragraphs explaining what it contains, and then the parts include illustrations.  Some of the pictures were a little abstract for me, but the patterns will surely appeal to children.

Since the stories are short, it was easy to read one every night before bed and then discuss it with my family.  My grandmother also enjoyed it.  She has dementia and we’ve hired people to sit with her at nights.  They all enjoyed sharing these stories.  They were quick and simple enough to keep her attention, while keeping the meaning.  This is a perfect addition to any library for children of all ages. 

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