Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I received a copy of MOONBLOOD by Anne Elisabeth Strengl, from Bethany House.  It is the third book in the Tales of Goldstone Wood.  I read the second book, VEILED ROSE, a while ago and really enjoyed it.  This one, not so much.  My favorite character from the second book, Rose Red, returned, but I felt that this book was more about Prince Lionheart.  He was also in the second book, and I hadn’t cared too much for him.  This time, he downright annoyed me.  Not only is he self-absorbed and weak, but I felt as if I should like him.  He had no real endearing qualities until the end, but by then, my loathing was solid.  I’m sure some people will like him, but I was completely turned off and dreading reading large sections about him – and kept catching myself before I would begin to skip.

MOONBLOOD is a Christian fantasy, including witches and talking goats.  I really love the fantasy world.  Anna Elisabeth Stengl creates a vivid realm that kept me awake many a night dreaming about its places and people.  The action never ceased.  There is plenty of emotion and imagery.  Overall, the book is complex, with plenty of twists and endearing moments. 

I’m curious to see where book four leads, and I will keep my eyes open for book one in this exciting series.  


  1. I'm going to make my mother read this book! She's the type of Christian who thinks fantasy is evil, especially if it has witches in it. I still have to read Harry Potter underneath my bed covers for crying out loud.

  2. Christian fantasy? Never read such a book. SOunds interesting, though!

  3. Good review! It's interesting to hear different perspectives on a novel. I've actually liked the series more as it's continued. The first book I didn't enjoy as much because I couldn't relate to the main character, but Veiled Rose and Moonblood have become favorites. :)