Monday, May 12, 2014

Candle Bible Handbook

I received a copy of CANDLE BIBLE HANDBOOK by Terry Jean Day and Carol J. Smith, edited and revised by Dr. Tim Dowley from Candle Books via Kregel.  The pages include detailed illustrations, study guides, frequently asked questions, what to look for, outlines, maps, and other tools to help you think deeper about the Bible.  My mother and I were both thrilled with this addition to our library, as we often read different version of the Bible for religious study and discussion. 

We have been studying Ruth in depth, so we turned to that section first.  It tells the facts behind the Bible story and makes you think deeply, rather than moving on to the next story.  The writing is simple enough for a child’s enjoyment, but factual enough to keep an adult’s attention.  The handbook makes an excellent source of family discussion.  Many topics are ones you can further look up together for more detail, such as the profession of potters.

After Ruth, we read about David, for we recently watched a movie about King David.

I recommend this to anyone seeking a greater understanding of the Bible.  I hope this becomes a permanent fixture in our religious library.  

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