Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sarah's Choice

I received a copy of SARAH’S CHOICE by Rebecca St. James and Nancy Rue from Thomas Nelson via BookSneeze/BookLook BloggersThis story captured me and refused to let go.  I told myself I would only read for a half-hour - I had many other things to do, but the cover was just too tantalizing to surrender – and two hours later, I closed the cover and sighed.  I really want to know what happens next in the lives of Sarah and Matt. 

Sarah is excited about a new career opportunity that will empower her to success.  Matt is her boyfriend, an overall good guy.  Sarah starts to feel ill, and soon discovers she is pregnant.  She confronts Matt with a choice: marry her or take her to the clinic.  Matt struggles to come to terms with what he is faced with, while Sarah is urged at work to have an abortion.  Her mother is strongly against that.  Sarah and Matt both turn to God to learn what path they must take. 

At the end of the book, tears were filling my eyes.  The characters grow and love, and the awakenings are sweet.  The book is filled with real emotions.  It is a situation many women face.  I highly recommend this story.  

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