Sunday, May 4, 2014

Running Lean

I received a copy of RUNNING LEAN by Diana L. Sharples from Blink via BookSneeze.  This book had consuming emotion from the first chapter to the last.  While there were places where I laughed, overall this is a book that sucks you in and leaves you breathless.  My heart broke many times.  The book made me really pause to think, as I am going through many stressful situations with friends right now, but the situations are a little different. 

Stacey struggles with weight issues and Calvin struggles with the death of his brother.  The faith is strong in this book, and really opens your eyes to teenage emotions.  I recommend this book to older teens and adults.  For younger teens, they might want to read it with an adult, or at least have a conversation afterwards with an adult. 

I would have liked more information on some of the minor characters, but the main characters are strongly portrayed.  I have heard the book called chick lit, and I can see how it fits into that category, but more than that, I feel this book is young adult inspirational.  It encouraged me to reach out to friends and family, to support them in any way possible.  

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