Sunday, June 1, 2014

50 Things You Need to Know about Heaven

I received a copy of 50 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HEAVEN by Dr. John Hart from Bethany House.  The title alone caught my attention, but once I read the synopsis, I knew this would be a book to share.   

Many people question what happens after death.  They wonder if everyone goes to Heaven and what people do there.  They also wonder if they will see loved ones.  I’ve heard people ask these things many time, from many religions and backgrounds.  Well, this book dives into the Bible to answer these queries.  On page 11, the book states that it is a “guide to what the Bible says about heaven.”

Once I started reading, I settled back in my chair and kept going.  The chapters are short, fifty chapters total, and the book is altogether 137 pages.  Because the sections are short, you’re able to read, ponder, and then discuss them.  It is also a great opportunity to pull out a copy of the Bible to read the verses mentioned.  The chapter endings also include a “for further study” paragraph that lists crucial verses. 

Overall, this is an excellent book to compliment your bookshelves and to share with others, especially for a Bible study group.  

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