Sunday, June 15, 2014

Child of Mine

I received a copy of CHILD OF MINE by David and Beverly Lewis from Bethany House.  Overall, the novel is enjoyable.  You want to find out what happens next.  It is a standalone book, but the storytelling follows the line of strong fiction from beloved author Beverly Lewis.  I kept guessing at the ending and was still surprised when it arrived. 

Without giving much away, the novel involves Jack Livingston and Kelly Maines.  Jack is raising his adopted niece, Natalie, after the sudden death of her parents.  Natalie is a sweetheart, but longs for more of a family unit.  To help him, Jack hires an Amish nanny.

Kelly is looking for her long-lost daughter.  Her ex-husband kidnapped the baby and sold it.  Kelly is hoping that Natalie is that long-lost daughter.

Sadly, the book wasn’t a fast read.  At times, it seemed to drag.  I had to force myself to keep going once I reached the middle.  The Amish nanny also bothered me.  Amish fiction by Beverly Lewis is usually a captivating insight into the Amish lifestyle; this, however, seemed more like an afterthought.  The Amish nanny could have been any sort of nanny.  She even drove a car.  In the novel, she is called a Beach Amish, but that term is never fully explained.  The cover of the book is also misleading – it seems to focus on the Amish nanny, Laura. 

I requested this book to share with my mother, who loves Amish fiction as I do, but I fear she will be disappointed.  I would recommend this more for mystery fans.  

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