Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Deeper than Red

I received a copy of DEEPER THAN RED by Sue Duffy from Kregel.  It is the third book in the Red Returning series. 

Sadly, I had only read one of the previous books, so I was confused on a few points.  Overall, though, I enjoyed the story and look forward to catching up on the other book, especially if it is anything like this one.  I understand it is a Russian Conspirator trilogy.  I will also be rereading RED DAWN RISING  now that I’ve finished this third installation. 

Tally Greyson is trying to free her mother from a colony of… mediums.  I was surprised at that.  They are really more like a cult.  Of course, the cult isn’t just a threat to Tally and her mother.  It could harm the entire world.  I hope you can see why I was hooked on this book.  The other main characters in the book are Liesl Bower, a concert pianist, and Max Morozov, a violinist.  I don’t read many novels where the leads are musicians, so this whet my appetite. 

There is also romance, but overall this a suspenseful mystery.  I had to keep turning the pages to see what happened next.  I started reading it before bed, thinking I would do a chapter, sleep, and read the next chapter the following night.  Instead, I stayed up way too late to keep going.  

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