Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Joan Leotta, Guest Author

Once again, we have a guest author joining us!  This time we get to meet Joan Leotta.


Kissed by Literature: How long have you been writing?

Joan Leotta: I've been writing since childhood. Poetry was my first commercial success at age 14. There is a photo of me in the family album holding my first check. For the past thirty years I've worked at writing, primarily as a journalist, but when I could, pursuing other things, such as doing my own scripts for adapted folklore and one woman history shows, poetry, short stories and more.

KBL: What have you gotten published?

JL: Hundreds of articles and three years of columns in travel writing for a newspaper and another three years of columns on storytelling and parenting, Business topics, travel, food, disability, and personality profiles formed the basis of my non-fiction. I've also published and own awards in poetry and short story.

KBL: What do you love best about writing?

JL: Telling a good story--something that will help and or catch the imagination of my reader--in both my fiction and non-fiction.

KBL: What do you hate about writing?

JL: That it takes me longer now to do it than it did before!

KBL: What has been your most challenging work?

JL: Working with my current series--making sure I keep family relationships straight!

KBL: What is your favorite book?

JL: Don't have a single favorite--Just as I write in many genres, I read many genres. I really admire Robert Harris as a fiction author--he tackles many subjects all with equal skill!

KBL: Do you watch the movies first, or do you read the books?

JL: Usually I read the book first, but I plan to break that rule with Monuments Men--history light with the movie because I am under some heavy deadline pressure with my fourth book.

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