Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Edwin: High King of Britain

I received a copy of EDWIN: HIGH KING OF BRITAIN by Edoardo Albert from Lion Fiction via Kregel.  It is the first story in the Northumbrian Thrones series.  I was thrilled for the chance to read not only historical fiction, but one about royalty. My favorite subject.  While researching my family tree, I learned that from my maternal grandmother’s side, I’m descended from English royalty. 

The book includes a map, a list of characters, and a glossary of terms.  The story itself takes place in the 7th century and follows Edwin as he journeys from exile to become High King.  Edwin seeks to unite Britain as one entity.  A central point of the novel is his conversion to Christianity, told with precision and artistry. 

The entire novel flows; I found no parts to be dull or dragging, as sometimes happens with historical fiction.  The details were rich.  I felt as though I feasted along with the characters.  I do read a lot of historical fiction, but never before have I read about Edwin the High King.  I highly recommend this to fans of history, royalty – with an emphasis on court intrigue, and anyone looking for a fast read.  I look forward to future installations in the series.  

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