Saturday, October 25, 2014


It might be a bit early for enacting New Year’s resolutions, but is it ever too early to plan?  I decided on a strict set of goals for 2015 in regards my profession as a writer. 


Professional Development


Provide developmental support for Curiosity Quills authors and focus on my own talent development.

Objective 1: Expand writing resource pool and support development of fellow authors by learning a new genre with a focus on young adult.

• I will score three stars or higher on average ratings.

• I will create a short story on the newly learned genre of young adult. 

• I will submit the short story to an anthology.

• I will assist fellow writers with understanding the new genre.

• I will communicate regularly with my agent, including monthly check-in meetings to ensure I’m on the right track.

• Draft team-writing schedule with a critique partner to create a story in the new genre.

Objective 2: Continue to strengthen and develop writing skills.

• Review best practices for writing through Internet sites, such as

• Enhance the skill of influence to create powerful paragraphs.

• Utilize critique partners for constructive feedback.

• Study and practice through exercises, projects, and online classes to improve my skills.

• Encourage fellow authors, in particular members of the Utica Writers Club.

Objective 3: Produce new Creative Writing Workshops to support the community and enhance my teaching skills.

• Polish “How to Write a Query Letter.”

• Polish “How to Write a Synopsis.”

• Polish “Foreshadowing.”

• Polish “Editing Skills.”

• Polish “Engaging the Senses.”

• Polish “How to Land a Literary Agent.”

• Polish “How to Gain a Publisher.”

• Use feedback to revamp current workshops.

• Co-facilitate workshops with fellow authors.


Enhance Business Mindset


Transform the Utica Writers Club with better delivery skills and materials.

Objective 1: Support the implementation of internal member workflows.

• Revamp current bylaws.

• Create bylaws for new officer positions.

• Work with local authors to create a stronger network.

• Keep the website updated.  New material must be added within one week.

• Enhance advertising skills.

• Host at least one bestselling author per year.


Maintain the Business


Continue to connect with readers and fellow writers through the use of social media.

Objective 1: Update my blog.

• Post a personal message once a week.

• Blog about book for Bethany House, Kregel, etc.

• Host cover reveals and blog tours for fellow authors.

• Host contests.

• Review books for fellow authors.

• Participate in blog hops.

Objective 2: Update Facebook author page.

• Host contests.

• Post three times a week.

Objective 3: Update Twitter author page.

• Utilize hashtags.

• Post three times a week.

Objective 4: Update Google+

• Post at least 3 times a week.

Objective 5: Update Pinterest.

• Add a photo album for each published book.

• Add a picture to each album at least once a week.

Objective 6: Update website.

• Keep information up-to-date.

• Act upon constructive feedback.

• Create a contest for each book.




Assimilate into Curiosity Quills Press.

Objective 1: Build a strong professional relationship with Curiosity Quills Press.

• Communicate regularly with the Curiosity Quills team whenever I have questions, comments, or concerns.

• Organize joint book signings.

• Attend conferences.

• Offer support to fellow authors as needed.

Objective 2: Enhance my relationship with my literary agent.

• Discuss anthology and magazine opportunities.

• Discuss future novels.

Objective 3: Compile a new anthology.

• Work with readers and authors to see what anthology they would like.


Personal Development


Objective 1: Write two new novels in 2015.

• Write a new story based on a new idea.

• Write a new installment in the Treasure Chronicles series.

Objective 2: Publish short stories in anthologies.

• Continue to submit to Horrified Press anthologies.

Objective 3: Broaden my knowledge of writing through volunteer options.

Objective 4: Establish a strong network among my readers and peers.

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