Sunday, October 5, 2014


I received a copy of NOAH: A WORDLESS PICTURE BOOK by Mark Ludy from Plough. Yes, it is exactly what you think – a wordless picture book has no words.  I have my degree in elementary education, and I have seen one of these before.  The kids loved it.  Each one could make up a different story, and oftentimes the story had nothing to do with the theme of the book. 

The pictures are amazingly detailed and bright.  They should captivate most children.  The images for Noah reminded me of the Disney movie Hercules

The only thing that caught me was that at the front, there is a picture of a man holding a baby.  It includes the only words in the picture book: “Methuselah welcomes his grandson, Noah…”  As I continued with the book, I was assuming the man in the pictures was Methuselah, and it wasn’t until the artwork showed the ark being built did I realize it was actually Noah. 

Overall, I recommend this wordless picture book for kids.  It was elicit hours of exercise for the imagination.  You don’t have to just make up the story about the main characters.  You could make up what the camel is thinking too.

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