Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Their Name is Today

I received a copy of THEIR NAME IS TODAY: RECLAIMING CHILDHOOD IN A HOSTILE WORLD by Johann Cristoph Arnold from Plough.  The foreword is by Mark K. Shriver.  I read this with a background in childhood education, and much of it rang true with what I learned in college and what I saw working in local public elementary schools. 

In a nutshell, the book covers how society views and treats children.  He does this by analyzing education and parenting.  I liked how he stressed giving children personal attention.  My parents doted on me growing up, and while I don’t feel spoiled, I do feel loved.  I feel comfortable asking them questions, showing my strengths and weaknesses, and trusting their guidance.  I’ve seen other children who are neglected or scolded, and I see them suffering through relationships.

I am definitely passing this on to educator friends.

As a bonus, I realized that Johann Christoph Arnold lives in Upstate New York like me.  I may contact him at some point to see if he would like to speak at the Utica Writers Club.  

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