Sunday, October 19, 2014

Keepers of the Covenant

I received a copy of KEEPERS OF THE COVENANT by Lynn Austin from Bethany House.  It is part of a series known as The Restoration Chronicles.  This one is book two.  I hadn’t read book one, and I did not feel lost while reading this novel.  I will have to look for the first installment next.

Whenever I see a book published by Bethany House, I know it will be top-notch quality.  KEEPERS OF THE COVENANT was no exception.  Sadly, it took me longer to review than normal, but that was due to outside forces.  I have read other books by Lynn Austin, so I knew in advance this would be filled with action, dynamic family elements, and believable characters.  FIRE BY NIGHT is my favorite of her novels, although KEEPERS OF THE COVENANT now comes close.

KEEPERS OF THE COVENANT involves a decree given by the king that all Jewish men, woman, and children be put to death in a year.  It will occur on the thirteen day of Adar.  Although I read a lot of historical fiction, this was the first novel I had read about this specific topic.  I highly recommend this piece of Biblical fiction.  It earns five stars from me.  

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